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Embarking on its journey in 2020, F&A Excavating LLC was inspired by 17 years of hard-earned experience in the trades. We started with a vision – to become not just an excavation company but a symbol of excellence. Progressing from humble beginnings of shed pads and cleanup jobs, we grew to be recognized as reputable site work contractors, pond designers, and utility installation and repair experts. The transition wasn’t accidental; it was the outcome of our relentless quest for perfection and a deep desire to serve our customers better. In this tech-savvy era, we integrate cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring every project meets unparalleled standards. As a concrete contractor, we cement every project with quality, and as a utilities company, we ensure a smooth flow in your projects. Looking for a septic system company near you? We’ve got you covered.
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With a reputation built on integrity and exceptional service, F&A Excavating LLC has become the trusted name in the region. Our reputation for delivering quality results has become known across Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and D.C. We are proficient in both commercial and residential projects, adding versatility to our list of strengths.


From land clearing to septic systems, we master it all.


Crafting sidewalks, patios, driveways, and more with precision.


Specializing in the installation and repair of essential utilities.

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Dive into a partnership with F&A Excavating LLC and ensure your project’s success. Whether it’s excavation, concrete, or utilities, we’re the team you’ve been searching for.